HearthStone – A Blizzard Game


What is HearthStone

HearthStone is a online strategy card game, that is only played online. There is no physical cards at all, it all in your HearthStone account.

The game is created by Blizzard and is free to play through you battlenet account.

In short terms, the goal is to hit you opponent for 30 life.and you have to build your own deck  – or play with a prebuilt deck –  with cards from your favorite hero.

The deck must contain 30 cards, and can have no more than 2 of each card.

The Hero classes is: Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Paladin, Hunter, Druid, Warlock, Mage and Priest, all reconcilable from the word of warcraft universe.

Each class has its on class specific cards, and then theres a load of neutral cards that can be used by each class.


Playing HearthStone

As you play the game you can either spend gold, gained from winning and leveling you classes, or buy extra packs (for real life money), to expand your collection.

Each pack contains 5 cards and one i guaranteed rare, epic or legendary, and sometimes more than one. Some cards can also be “golden” and have a golden frame on the card, and sometimes a more “living” animation.

Golden cards are also given as “prizes” when reaching specific levels in the class.  Of cause these are golden class specific cards.

It is possible to play the game without spending any real money, but sure is hard not to use any money when you first get started.

There is a game mechanic “crafting” where you can turn your cards into Arcan dust, and then spend it crating new cards.

Each day you get new “quests” and each of them gives an amount of gold when solved. An example: Win 2 games with Rogue or Warrior and get 40 gold. You get also get 10 gold each time you win 3 games with the same hero class.

Game types

You can play different ways in HearthStone Solo Adventures, Casual, Ranked, Arena and Tavern Brawl.hearthstone_logo

Solo Adventures: In this part of the game you play against AI in a story line. And after each match you will get some power full cards for your collection. Again you can pay with gold og real money

Casual: Here is the best place to practice new deck builds.

Ranked: You play against other online players to reach the best rank. The ranks are reset once a month and you get prices, if you have gotten any ranks. When you play ranked, you must choose to either play in wild or standard mode. Wild format all cards are legal, Standard, only the newest cards are allowed.

Arena games: Costs 150 gold, and you have to build a deck, by choosing cards randomly presented to you. You then have 3 “life” to get as many wins as possible, to a max of 12. Prizes are gold, packs, random golden cards and arcane dust. The longer you last, the better your prizes will be.

Tavern Brawl: Its free to participate, and the format is always different from Brawl to Brawl. when you win a game you get a card pack (But only one in each Brawl)

The games keeps evolving and new cards are added in the form of expansions in the Solo adventures.

Start your game today – My battle tag is Neeesn#1617 feel free to add me.

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